We have prepared a fine-tuned menu for you. Every day you can choose from an updated daily menu and our proven regular dishes. Bon appetit.

We have prepared a fine-tuned menu for you. Every day you can choose from an updated daily menu and our proven regular dishes. Bon appetit.


Tomato soup with basil and parmesan

300 ml      |     Alergeny: 7,8

65 Kč

Beef broth with vegetables and liver gnocchi

300 ml      |     Alergeny: 1,3,9

65 Kč

Small dishes

Beef tartare, fried bread, garlic

100 g      |   Alergeny: 1,3,10

175 Kč

Sliced beetroot with grilled goat cheese, honey balsamic, walnuts and rucola

180 g      |  Alergeny:  7,8

140 Kč

Marinated salmon with avocado, rocket salad, pumpkin bread, dill dip with honey

250 g      |  Alergeny:  1,4,7

185 Kč


Caesar salad with chicken meat, anchovies dressing, bacon, croutons and Parmesan

400 g      |     Alergeny: 1,3,4,7

185 Kč

Salad with roasted dried ham, olives, mozzarella, tomato, cucumbers, basil pesto and croutons

400 g      |     Alergeny: 1,7,8

185 Kč

Salad with grilled greek cheese, creamy dressing with basil pesto

300 g      |     Alergeny: 7

220 Kč

Side dish salad - tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, lettuce, creamy dressin

200 g      |     Alergeny: 3,7,10

85 Kč

Vegetarian dishes

Grilled goat cheese on bulgur risotto with vegetables and sun - dried tomato pesto, chiccory

400 g      |     Alergeny: 1,5,6,7,8

245 Kč

Vegetarian burger with red lentils and beetroot, mozzarella, guacamole, roasted onion, lettuce salad, potatoes fried

400 g      |     Alergeny: 1,3,7

270 Kč

Tofu strips with vegetables in spicy curry sauce with coco milk, jasmine rice

170g    |     Alergeny: 6

185 Kč

Main dishes

Tortilla filled with chicken meat, tomatoes, onion and sweetcorn, gratinated with Cheddar cheese, guacamole, vegetable salad

450 g      |     Alergeny: 1,7

245 Kč

Roasted chicken breast with skin in ginger-honey marinade, mashed potatoes with butter-fine baby carott

200 g      |     Alergeny: 7,9,12

245 Kč

Sous vide marinated pork, stirfried green beans with chorizo, grenaille potatoes, demi glace

250 g      |     Alergeny: bez alerg.

285 Kč

Cheeseburger with baked bacon, BBQ mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, vegetable and chips

450 g      |     Alergeny: 1,3,7,10

295 Kč

Pulled pork burger, vegetable, onion, BBQ myonnaise, chips

450 g      |     Alergeny: 1,3,7,10

245 Kč

Deep fried turkey in cornflakes mashed potatoes with spring onion

180 g      |     Alergeny: 1,3,7

240 Kč

Honey roasted pork ribs, creamy horseradish, BBQ sauce, toasted bread

450 g      |     Alergeny: 1,7,10

270 Kč

Grilled beef Ball Tip steak, creamy sauce with green pepper and brandy, fried grenaille

200 g      |     Alergeny: 1,7

365 Kč

Traditional beef goulash with carlsbad bread dumplings and fried onion

200 g      |     Alergeny: 1,3,7

235 Kč

Pasta and risotto

Potato gnocchi with ricotta, radicchio, roasted garlic, basil, parmesan and crushed pistacio nuts

350 g      |    Alergeny: 1,7,8  

210 Kč

Linguine Aglio Olio with olive oil, garlic, hot pepper, Parmesan and parsley

350 g      |    Alergeny: 1,7   

165 Kč

Mushroom risotto with truffle oil, rucola, Parmesan

400 g      |    Alergeny: 7,12 

240 Kč

Special Venison Offer

Roasted wild boar neck with garlic and onion, served with red cabbage with cranberries and bread dumplings

200 g      |    Alergeny: 1,3,7 

265 Kč

Fallow-deer cubes braised in red wine and herbs, homemade potatoe almond croquettes

200 g      |    Alergeny: 1,3,7,8

320 Kč

Venison burger with bacon, chrizo mayo, rucola, caramelised onion and fried grenaille potatoes

400 g      |    Alergeny: 1,3

285 Kč

Veggie linguine with mushrooms, zucchini and red pepper with creamy tomato sauce, Parmesan

350 g      |    Alergeny: 1,7 

210 Kč


Chocolate fondant with forest fruit sauce

1ks      |     Alergeny: 1,3,7

95 Kč

Strawberry curd cheesecake

1ks      |     Alergeny: 1,3,7

85 Kč

Pineapple ravioli stuffed with vanilla mascarpone, raspberry sorbet, creamy caramel

3ks      |     Alergeny: 7

95 Kč